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ASTM A192 Carbon Boiler Tube

About ASTM A192 Steel Tube

  • OD: 12.7mm-177.8mm
  • WT: 2.2mm-25.4mm
  • Length: 2m-12m or as required
  • Application: Electrical resistance boiler tube, heat exchanger tube for petroleum and oil, chemical Industry, energy sources, etc.
  • Supplementary Technology: Plain or threaded with socket or beveled with plastic caps, hydraulic testing, eddy current, Infrared test.
  • Surface: Bared or painted, galvanized or with oiled or client option.
  • Delivery state: Annealed, Normalized, NT.
  • Steel Grade: A192

Product Scope:

ANSON is an experienced boiler and heat exchanger tube supplier which can offer you ASTM A192 steel tube of all grade and dimension range. ASTM A192 covers minimum-wall-thickness, seamless carbon steel boiler and heat exchanger tubes for high-pressure service, its mechanical property is similar to ASTM A179, while a lot lower than ASTM A210. During the production following mechanical tests shall be conducted: flattening test; flaring test; hardness test; and hydrostatic test. Hot-finished tubes need not be heat treated. Cold finished tubes shall be heat treated after the final cold-finishing at a temperature of 1200°F [650°C] or higher.

ASTM A192 Chemical Composition:

Steel Grade Mfg. Process ASTM A192 Chemical composition(%)
C Si Mn P S Ni Cr Mo Others
ASTM A192 S 0.06~0.18 0.25Max 0.27~0.63 0.035Max 0.035Max - - - -

ASTM A192 Mechanical Property:

Steel Standard Steel Grade Tensile Strength Yield Strength (MPa) Elongation (%) Impact (J) Hardness
not less than not less than not less than not less than
ASTMA 192M ASME SA-192M A 192/SA-192   180 35 - 77HRB(137HBW)
ASME SA179 ASTM A179 SA 179/A 179   180 35 -  
 ASTMA 210M ASME SA-210M A210A1/SA-210A1   255   - 79HRB(143HBW)
A210C/SA-210C   275   - 89HRB(179HBW)

ASTM A192 Equivalent Steel Grade:

KS/JIS Symbol KS/JIS Numbe Re
DIN Type DINNumber MateriralNumber Re
B.SNumber B.S Grade Remarks NBN Type NBN Grade Re
AFNOR Type NF Number Re
UNI Type UNI Number Re
A 192Seamless C-Steel Boiler Tube for High Pressure Service K01201 STBH 340 / STB 340 D3563 / G3461 (30) St 35.8 17175 1.0305   3059 320 (27)(30) D45 837 (27) TU 37C A49-213 (27) C14 5462 (27)

ANSON can supply ASTM A192 steel tube from stock or from reputed steel mills. We also offer steel fabrication service where steel plates can go through processings like cutting, welding, bending, machining, pre-coating, pre-lined, beveling, or as you require. Our steel mills have fabricating employees that have 5-10 years of working experience. If you are interested in buying ASTM A192 steel tube products, contact us now for the latest price or check the following table for equivalent steel grade of ASTM A192.

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