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DIN 1629 Carbon Boiler Pipe

About DIN 1629 Steel Pipe

  • OD: 42mm-1200mm
  • WT: 4mm-100mm
  • Length: 4m-12m or as required
  • Application: Pipeline steel pipe, vessel steel pipe, fluid pipe for low&medium pressure boiler
  • Supplementary Technology: Tensile test, flattening test, leak tightness test, surface inspection, product analysis. Beveled end, plain end, varnished, or adding plastic caps as per customer’s requirements
  • Surface: Bared or painted, galvanized or with oiled or client option.
  • Delivery state: Hot Rolled, Cold Drawn
  • Steel Grade: St37, St44, St52

Product Scope:

DIN 1629 include 3 basic steel grades (ST37, ST44, ST52.), this standard specifies the Seamless Circular Tubes of Non Alloys Steels that are used in construction of chemical plant, pressure vessels, pipe system and general mechanical and engineering purposes. The main steel grades are Din 1629 specification applies to seamless steel tubes and pipes are suitable for gas fusion welding, arc welding, flash butt welding, electric pressure welding and gas pressure welding. Seamless steel pipe, welded steel pipe, Galvanized steel pipe are all available.

The limits of application and other specifications given in this standard shall apply except in cases here other specifications are contained in codes of practice for specific fields of application, e.g. the Technische Regeln fur Dampfkessel (TRD) (Technical rules on steam boilers) or the Technische Regeln fur Druckbehalter (TRB) (Technical rules on pressure vessels), AD-Merkblatter (AD Instruction sheets).

DIN 1629 Steel Pipe Chemical Composition:

Chemical Composition(%) 
Steel Grade C Si Mn P S
St37 ≤0.17 - - ≤0.035 ≤0.035
St44 ≤0.21 - - ≤0.035 ≤0.035
St52.0 ≤0.22 ≤0.55 ≤1.60 ≤0.035 ≤0.035

DIN 1629 Steel Pipe Mechanical Property:

 Mechanical Properties
Steel Grade Tensile strength(Mpa) Yield point(Mpa) Elongation(%)L Elongation(%)T
St37 350-480 ≥235 ≥25 ≥23
St44 420-550 ≥275 ≥21 ≥19
St52.0 500-650 ≥355 ≥21 ≥19

DIN 1629 Steel Pipe Equivalent steel grade:

DIN 1629 EN BS NFA 49.210/49.112 ASTM 53
Grade St 37 EN 10216.1Grade P235 T1 Grade TU 37 B TU E 220 A Grade B
Grade St 44 EN 10216.1Grade P275T1 Grade TU 42 B TU E 235 A Grade B
Grade St 52-0 EN 10216-3Grade P355N NFA Grade P355N ASME SA 381 Grade Y 52

ANSON can supply DIN1629 steel pipe from stock or from reputed steel mills. We also offer steel fabrication service where steel pipe can go through processings like cutting (any size and any shape), drilling, welding, milling, machining as you require. If you are interested in buying DIN1629 steel pipe products, contact us now for the latest price or check the following table for equivalent steel grade of DIN1629.

Elevated temperature upper yield stress values of DIN 1629 Steel Pipe

Steel Grade Yield stress value by working temperature(Thickness increasing)
50℃ 200℃ 250℃ 300℃
St 37 235-215 185-170 165-150 140-130
St 44 275-255 215-200 195-180 165-155
St 52 355-335 248-230 225-210 195-185
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