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Boiler Pressure Steel Types:

Heat Exchanger Steel Material

Low-Carbon Steel:

Low carbon steel is commonly used steel for the manufacture of boiler pressure components mainly include low carbon steel, low alloy structural steel, low alloy hot steel, austenitic stainless steel and martensitic steel. According to the profiles of these steel can be divided into sheet and pipe. Table 15-1a lists the chemical composition, mechanical properties and applicable ranges of commonly used boiler steels.

Table 15-1a listed in the low-carbon steel, according to the quality level is divided into ordinary carbon structural steel, high-quality carbon structural steel and special boiler steel.

Steel Type Steel Grade Standard Chemical composition ,% Tensile Strength σbMPa Yield Strength σs MPa elongation δ5 % Impact Akv J Strain aging impact toughness J Application
C Si Mn V Nb(W) Mo Cr Ni(Ti) P S
min Working pressure MPa Temperature(℃)
Low Carbon Steel Plate Q235-A GB700 0.14~0.22 0.30 0.30~0.65           0.045 0.050 375~460 185~235 21~26 27   ≤1.0 When the steam pressure exceeds 0.1MPa, it should not contact with the flame
Q235-B GB700 0.12~0.20 0.30 0.30~0.70           0.045 0.045
Q235-C GB700 ≤0.18 0.30 0.35~0.80           0.040 0.040  
Q235-D GB700 ≤0.17 0.30 0.35~0.80           0.035 0.035
20g GB713 ≤0.20 0.15~0.30 0.50~0.90           0.035 0.035 380~530 185~245 22~26 27 29 ≤5.9 ≤450
20R GB6654 ≤0.22 0.15~0.30 0.35~0.80           0.035 0.035 400~530 195~245 22~26 27   ≤450
Low Carbon Steel Tube 20 GB3087 0.17~0.24 0.17~0.37 0.35~0.65       ≤0.25 ≤0.25 0.035 0.035 410 245 25     ≤5.9 Heating surface tube≤480Header pipe≤430
20G GB5310 0.17~0.24 0.17~0.37 0.35~0.65           0.030 0.030 410~550 245 35 - - no limit Heating surface tube≤480Header pipe≤430
Low Alloy Steel Plate 16Mng GB713 ≤0.20 0.20~0.55 1.20~1.60           0.035 0.030 440~655 245~345 18~21 27 29 ≤5.9 ≤400
16MnR GB713 ≤0.20 0.20~0.60 1.20~1.60           0.035 0.035 450~655 265~345 18~21 27 - ≤5.9 ≤400
Low Alloy Heat Resistant Steel 15CrMoG GB5130 0.12~0.18 0.17~0.37 0.40~0.70     0.40~0.55 0.80~1.10   0.030 0.030 440~640 235 21 35   no limit ≤550
12Cr1MoVG GB5130 0.08~0.15 0.17~0.37 0.40~0.70 0.15~0.30   0.25~0.35 0.90~1.20   0.030 0.030 470~640 255 21 35   no limit ≤565
12Cr2MoWVTiB GB5130 0.08~0.15 0.45~0.75 0.45~0.65 0.28~0.42 0.30~0.55(W) 0.50~0.65 1.60~2.10 0.08~0.18(Ti) 0.030 0.030 540~735 345 18 35   no limit ≤600
12Cr3MoVSiTiB GB5130 0.09~0.15 0.60~0.90 0.50~0.80 0.25~0.35   1.00~1.20 2.50~3.00 0.22~0.38(Ti) 0.030 0.030 610~805 440 16 35   no limit ≤600
Austenitic Stainless Steel Pipe 1Cr18Ni9 GB5130 ≤0.15 ≤1.00 ≤2.00       17.00~19.00 8.00~10.00 0.035 0.030 ≥520 205 35     no limit Endurance strength at 650 =63MPa
1Cr19Ni11Nb GB5130 0.04~0.10 ≤1.00 ≤2.00   Nb+Ti≥0.80~1.00   17.00~20.00 9.00~13.00 0.030 0.030     no limit Endurance strength at 650 =63MPa

Which Q235A ~ D for the ordinary carbon structural steel, its name from the yield strength values, quality grade symbols and deoxidation method. "Q" for the yield strength of the first letter of the Chinese phonetic alphabet, followed by the yield strength of the value. Quality grade is divided into A, B, C, D four grades, from A to D steel quality level gradually increased.

20 steel for high-quality carbon structural steel, with the average carbon content of the number of points that the 20 steel (S, P) and non-metallic inclusions contained in high quality carbon structural steels with high quality carbon structural steels of 0.20% (20%), plasticity, toughness and processability Very good; special boiler steel is derived from the basis of carbon structural steel, steel and other high-quality carbon steel structure is similar to the plate is in the carbon content after the value of the lowercase Chinese alphabet letters "g" , 20g for the No. 20 special boiler plate; for the pipe in the carbon content after the value of the Chinese alphabet letters "G", 20G said 20 dedicated boiler steel pipe. This kind of steel in the chemical composition with the same grade of high quality carbon structural steel is basically the same, but the mechanical performance requirements are more stringent, especially the impact toughness has more stringent requirements, and requires a small sensitivity. This type of steel in the smelting should be a good deoxidation and place non-metallic inclusions, the organizational structure should be uniform, grain size hope to control in the 3 to 7, to minimize the sandwich, shrinkage, loose and pores and other defects. 20R is 20 container steel, chemical composition and 20g is very close to the mechanical properties are similar, when used to manufacture the boiler pressure components, should make up the strain aging impact test.


low-alloy structural steel

Low carbon steel has excellent plasticity, toughness and processing technology, but the strength is low, corrosion resistance is not strong enough. Through the ordinary low carbon steel, adding a small amount of alloying elements, the total amount of < 3%, you can get high strength, high toughness and good solderability and corrosion resistance of ordinary low-alloy structural steel. In this type of manganese is the main element, its content in about 1% to 1.6%. In addition to manganese can produce a strong solid solution strengthening effect, but also refine the ferrite grains, and make pearlite thinner, eliminating the grain boundary of the coarse flake carbide, thereby enhancing the strength and toughness of steel. In addition to the main plus elements, usually also add a small amount of vanadium, niobium, titanium and other auxiliary elements. These additional elements form fine carbides or nitrides in the steel, preventing the austenite grains from growing up during heating, facilitating the acquisition of fine ferrite grains, and also the effect of precipitation precipitation strengthening To further improve the strength and toughness of steel.

Steel Grade Chemical Composition(%)
C Si Mn Ni Cr Mo Nb P S
19Mn5 0.17~0.22 0.30~0.60 1.0~1.30 ≤0.03 ≤0.30 ≤0.10   ≤0.040 ≤0.040
19Mn6 0.15~0.22 0.30~0.60 1.0~1.60 ≤0.03 ≤0.25 ≤0.10   ≤0.035 ≤0.030
BHW35 ≤0.15 0.10~0.50 1.0~1.60 0.6~1.0 0.2~0.40 0.2~0.40 0.005~0.020 ≤0.025 ≤0.025
A299 ≤0.30 0.15~0.40 0.9~1.50 ≤0.25 ≤0.25 ≤0.08   ≤0.035 ≤0.040

16Mng steel plate in the low-pressure boiler is widely used in China, has a good overall mechanical properties, welding performance, process performance and low temperature impact toughness. Medium temperature and low temperature mechanical properties are better than low carbon steel, corrosion resistance is also better than low carbon steel, but the gap is less sensitive than low carbon steel, in the presence of gaps, fatigue strength will be reduced, and easy to produce cracks. Table 16MnR, is a low-alloy container steel plate, used in the manufacture of boiler pressure components should be done when the strain aging impact test.

China in the large-scale boiler widely used 19Mn5, 19Mn6, BHW35 and A299 steel, the chemical composition in Table 15-1b. 19Mn5, 19Mn6 is the German production of carbon-manganese ordinary low-alloy steel, in the chemical composition of the harmful elements of sulfur and phosphorus control is very strict, the actual steel sulfur and phosphorus in the mass fraction of not more than 0.02%, in addition to smelting The vacuum degassing technology, greatly reducing the gas content in the steel. The steel has a good overall mechanical properties, welding performance and process performance, Table 15-1c, the temperature strength is better than 16Mng, Table 15-1d.

Steel Grade σs(MPa)≥ σb(MPa) δ5(%) ISO V notch impact power(0℃)J≥
>60~≤100(mm) >100~≤125(mm) >125~≤150(mm)
19Mn6 315 295 295 490~630 20 31
19Mn5 289 275 261 490~630 20 49
BHW35 390 380 375 570~740 18 31
A299 276 515~655 16 27

BHW35 (13MnNiMo54) is also produced in Germany, a multi-element content of low-alloy high-strength steel. The alloying elements of the steel are reasonable in design and stable in structure, and the strength of the steel is improved by the interaction of the multi-elements, and the comprehensive mechanical properties are also improved. Table 15-1c, Table 15-1e. The steel is generally used in normalizing and high temperature tempering state, the state of the tempering bainite plus ferrite, it is often referred to as low bainitic steel. A299 is a carbon-manganese-silicon series of US steel, in the chemical composition of the harmful elements of sulfur and phosphorus control is also very strict, the actual steel sulfur and phosphorus in the mass fraction of not more than 0.015%, lower than Table 15 -1b in the standard value, silicon, manganese mass fraction fluctuations are also small, to ensure a better solderability. The steel also has a good overall mechanical properties, a variety of hot and cold processing performance and medium temperature strength.
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